Lulu Guinness is ‘hands down’ the best sale of the moment. For as long as I’ve been a fan of Lulu I’ve been infatuated with the hard-sided travel cases. As a birthday treat I went to Covent Garden on a shopping spree where I indulged my passion for Lulu Guinness. I was ecstatic to discover the porcelain hard-side suitcase was half price. Not only is the Lulu Guinness store stunningly aesthetic, the staff were beyond accommodating, showing me the inside of the case without request and showing me their range of accessories. The inside of the case sold it to me; the striped monochrome lining complete with Lulu Guinness zips and 3 drawstring bags adds a unique quality and sets the luggage apart from any other case, fulfilling the upmost quality that Lulu designs provide. The luxurious suitcase is protected with a sleeve to prevent scratching. Browsing around the store I found a perfect phone case, a red lip phone case – the signature colour and shape of Lulu’s brand; so classy and feminine. The items I bought in store were beautifully packaged in a monochrome glossy bag with red tissue paper as protection; a beautiful keepsake. My Brother treated me to a ‘to die for’ Lulu Guinness card holder. The leather printed with monochrome stripes and red lips displays the classic Lulu print, while the holder provides four card slots; the perfect size to fit a clutch or a handbag. My final Lulu birthday gift is the Dare to Dream umbrella, which is an ideal fit for a handbag. The Dare the Dream font design is classic black and white with red accents.













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