Everyone loves a little bit of designer…RIGHT? So when it came to choosing a special birthday present I didn’t fancy a cliché piece. Instead I became infatuated with the iconic Gucci belts. The brown real leather option, embellished with the antique gold metallic double-G buckle is the perfect statement piece to accessorise countless outfits. Guccio Gucci the founder of Gucci the label in 1921 is the inspiration behind the the double G emblem displayed on the buckle; perhaps one of the most iconic labels in recent fashion. Guccio’s life story is an inspiration to me. Handling the suitcases of the rich as a elevator attendant in the Savoy Hotel London ignited his initial passion for leather goods. His adoration for finer leather products enabled the development of his multi-billion dollar company. Although this Gucci belt stretches the purse strings the belt is just so iconic. Undoubtedly the style and design will come in and out of fashion, but the belt is a statement piece for life. This shoot is located in Urban Jungle which I think perfectly emulates a Gucci campaign style. I paired the stunning belt with a wrap-over white shirt dress from H&M and Missguided brown leather sandals with gold stud decor. The intense, tropical green surroundings makes the gold metallic emblem pop. In short … I am horrendously obsessed with this belt!








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