Dear New York…I’ll never get over you! Dressing in New York is the ultimate fashionista heaven. You have the freedom to display your most outlandish clothing and no-one bats an eyelid! On the final day I wore gold faux-leather trousers, a black sweatshirt with organza bow, a black Coach belt, black military boots, a black croc bag and the distinguished brown fur coat. A metallic piece of clothing paired with block colour makes the trousers stand out whilst blending in enough to be worn for daytime. In New York it’s ideal to make your outfit work for day and night, this outfit fits both.



Time in New York flies! Two Days down with one full day and one-half day left. My heart was already aching at the thought of leaving! I started the third day at the most wonderful breakfast joint, The Smith. I had my all-time favourite, Eggs Benedict, while my NYC homie, Lucie had the biggest stack of American Pancakes!!! We accompanied our breakfast with a pot of tea, how British hahaha! The waiters were incredibly polite and accommodating and even commented on their adoration for the British accent – how cute. We ventured to the bathroom after eating where we found a photobooth and classic shoe-shining chair. Lucie and I got the funniest Photobooth photographs, needless to say we weren’t ready!

After a breakfast full of laughter, we started towards Central Park. En route, we spotted a Barbra Streisand poster flapping in the wind. We found the entrance to the exhibition named ‘Hello Gorgeous!’. The display inside the Temple Emanu-El Streicker Center showed the journey down her musical memory lane with recordings of Streisand classics. Stunning images of the striking star were plastered wall to wall, while her songs played through speakers. Her fashion was iconic.

After immersing ourselves in the exhibition we ventured to Central Park. Littered with unbelievable views of central NYC, the central city park was breath taking. The weather was stunning with blue skies and sunshine. Although I would’ve loved to see the trees in the Summer full of leaves, the stark branches were beautiful. We found the perfect viewing area to get a picture with the city skyline in the background.

Next, we walked Fifth Avenue exploring the Flagship stores of countless designers; Burberry, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Coach and Chanel, all with stunning interior design. The Burberry store had an innovative interior design; each floor had a different colourway; one floor pink, one blue, one green. Such a simple yet effective visual. I was lucky enough to visit the week-old Tiffany store with four breath-taking floors. They had a postcard delivery service free from in-store. I sent a Tiffany postcard to my parents, much classier than an average postcard! While walking past the Madison Avenue sign of course I had to get a picture – what a shame they spelt Maddison wrong!

In the evening we walked up to Times Square to enjoy the bright lights at night-time. Times Square is buzzing to say the least! It’s certainly the most tourist-like hub in New York. The streets are full of dessert shops; garish pink cakes, giant caramel brownies and enormous cheesecake slices line the shelves. We dined at the legendary Hard Rock Café, full of life and music; you can’t get more American than that.


I felt so disheartened to only have a morning left in the best city I have ever visited. A central hub for fashion. I started the day at Blank Slate Coffee & Kitchen where I enjoyed a blondie with M&M’s, such a treat. The last place I visited was Greenwich Village neighbourhood of Lower Manhattan. I wandered through Washington Square Park. My favourite thing to do whilst travelling is finding the cutest spots by eye. Of course, being well-prepared for a trip and knowing the main places to visit is amazing but walking down side-streets and alleyways can reveal the most beautiful shops and cafes. I came across Posh Pop, a bakery stuffed full of cakes and enormous cookies; I opted for a red velvet cookie, which was beyond yummy! As it was my final day in NYC I decided it was time for a notorious NYC bagel! Not being able to find a bagel shop I asked a local for their recommendation, to which they replied…Bagel Bob’s. I opted for a poppy seed bagel with salami and cream-cheese, it was the best! After riding the subway for the last time, munching on the delicious bagel I felt gutted to be leaving. I will 100% visit again, I am also certain that I will have part of my career in the phenomenal city. New York is always a good idea!














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