Valentine’s Day 2021 was a different one! Whether you would have normally celebrated with your SO or treated yourself to a Galentine’s boozy brunch, this year was undoubtably different for everyone. I spent my day gearing up for an extra special trip to the local Costa Coffee drive thru for a 5* Gingerbread latte. Thinking that perhaps a take-away coffee was a bit sad, I decided to fashion a yummy homemade Afternoon Tea. Miniature Victoria sponge cakes and Mumma Jo’s 5* cheese scones were undoubtably the stars of the show. 

Despite not being able to go anywhere, this red Zara Love collection was too irresistible not to try. I will let you in to a secret…I wore a cream sweatsuit all of actual Valentine’s with minimal make-up, but shooting these delectable red pieces earlier in last week gave me the minuscule of escapism that I craved.

In years to come, how will you look back on your lockdown Valentine’s Day?!