Happy New Year beautiful people! Thank you to each and every precious person that has supported my blog this past year, it means the world. Christmas & New Years provided a much needed feeling of escapism and warmth that was lacking from reality. Unfortunately, with things not looking up it feels merely impossible to think positively. Nevertheless we must keep calm and carry on (pardon the cliche)! 

Unprecedented is a word we all heard repeatedly in 2020; no other word can better describe the circumstances. As I evaluated my 2020 I realised I had multiple major achievements, however I was still left feeling flat. Going back through videos and pictures from the start of 2020, especially my trip to New York just feels like another lifetime.  

Although the start to 2021 hasn’t been the fresh page in a diary we all craved, we must push to save our sanity. Immerse yourself in everything you love. I find enjoyment in aesthetic visuals; Pinterest, Instagram, films and magazines are my haven. If you enjoy reading, select a new book and engross yourself in a dream world.

Getting a new diary is a highlight to the start of the year. I adore the excitement of what entries I will write in every day on the fresh pages. Although you may think in 2020 you didn’t do much, trust me when written down theres a whole lot more than you may initially think. 

This year my Momma gifted me a slate grey Martha Brook London Diary with gold foil. It came in a stunning presentation box, which was a lovely touch. The soft-back design of the diary makes it easy to open fully and has plenty of sections to write notes and keep up-to-date. The diary starts with a ‘Year Planner’ section, followed by a monthly calendar style, day-to-day note space, specific ‘notes’ pages and an ‘achievements, reflections, goals and key dates’ section. I adore the personalisation on the front cover.

This year I downloaded the 1 second a day app where you shoot a 1 second video each day and end up with a time lapse of the entire year. Hopefully this year I will see a colossal change as the year progresses. I also write a daily diary and photograph entry to a private Instagram for ‘my eyes only’. Not only does this promote keeping busy, you can look back over your digital scrapbook.

One thing I did this year that I have never done before was a letter to my future self. I thought after the most bizarre and shocking year I would make an account of each and every major event. I poured my heart into writing a lengthy account, even shedding the odd tear as I typed. Upon review, I learnt who I cherish in life and how incredibly lucky I am and have been despite everything going on. I’ve scheduled the letter to be emailed to myself in 2030. If you love writing and need some time to reflect, I highly recommend. 

I’m sending everyone a virtual hug, keep your chin up!