As a fashion student and aspiring blogger, it’s hard to believe that I had never visited the Big Apple before. Oh, how I have been missing out! I had visited America previously and adored the country. Visiting New York confirmed that I will definitely be exploring working there in my fashion career. New York is fashion obsessed, I’ve never been to a city where everyone is dressed sharply, especially on Fifth Avenue – Billionaire’s Row. Arriving in New York, the buildings, the people, the excitement is so very overwhelming – in the best way. I stayed in Pod 51 a hostel that exceeded my expectations, amidst the buzzing streets of New York, a short walk away from the iconic New York locations. Just walking through the streets in New York is like nowhere else I’ve been, the colossal buildings, quirky street signs and bustling people are persistently animated.


Day 1

The Outfit

In New York you have free reign to over-dress. I adore jumpsuits, they’re so simple, yet so striking. I wore this ASOS cream, denim jumpsuit with tie waist. The loose leg, combined with the belted waist is so figure flattering, while being comfy and warm for the New York avenues. Comfortable shoes are a MUST when visiting New York, you spend the entire day on foot. I averaged 20,000 steps daily. I was gifted the Converse boots at Christmas. They’re so unique, I was receiving compliments about them left-right-and-centre, one person even asked if they were Gucci boots! The exterior of the boot is striking; made from Gor-Tex material the boots have the word ‘Gor-Tex’ littered across the boot; they’re so perfect for city breaks as they’re waterproof too. They are beyond cosy with the fleece lining and a thick sole. Of course, I strutted the New York streets in my brown, faux-fur coat, highly-fashionable while confronting the cold weather. I used a cross-body Zara black bag the entire time; essential for city breaks.


The Experience


Walking down Fifth Avenue – Easy Street – was breath-taking, now that’s where I want to live! The buildings, the people, the designer shops; all beyond perfection. The first full day initiated with a visit to Gladson New York, located on Fifth Avenue; a fabric supplier for multiple luxury suiting brands. The intricacy of the process of developing each fabric swatch is shown in stunningly detailed samples. From pinstripe to check, navy to burgundy the fabrics styles created are vast. Learning about the importance of implementing these fabrics into female suiting also, felt empowering. Then, I ventured to the ferry where I saw amazing views of Manhattan Island and Brooklyn Bridge, even spotting the Statue of Liberty in the distance. New York is oh so picturesque, every view is scenic.


Getting off the ferry I arrived in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. This setting was very dissimilar to the bustling Fifth Avenue vibe. It was like a ghost-town. It had an eerie, distinctive impression, adding a feeling of culture to the trip. Graffiti wall-to-wall and Indie food joints littered the location. I dined with friends in a pub-style restaurant, eating a legendary grilled cheese sandwich – to-die-for. Strolling along the streets thrift shops invited me in; vintage Gucci and Louis Vuitton the prized possession of the second-hand shops. Searching through rails and rails of pre-owned clothing highlights how resale is booming in the contemporary fashion market. I yearned to know everything about the previous owner, clothing signifying untold stories. Williamsburg was a treasure trove, full of desirability. I spotted a stunningly decorated restaurant; all white with plantation and neon lights. It was called The Butcher’s Daughter. I ordered a latte. Asking whether they had any syrups the waitress said no, but recommended the mocha; the said mocha had magic mushroom powder in it… I then spied hemp milk and many other controversial additives. I opted for the plain latte hahaha! Williamsburg mirrors the hipster areas of London; like Shoreditch and Camden.


GO BROOKLYN NETS! I’ve always been a fan of basketball; being part of my high school team I appreciate the sport ;), as well as my fascination with the incredible height of the players. You can’t get more American than a basketball game. I went to see Brooklyn Nets play UItar Jazz. Spending $10 on a foam finger and almost $20 on nachos with cheese and a lemonade the size of my head was SO WORTH IT! The cheerleaders and street-dancers generated a VIBEEE, it was such an exhilarating experience. To anyone who visits New York I highly recommend seeing a game. Getting the subway back to the hotel was a struggle, but I made it! After a full-on day, collective with the jet lag I slept like a baby.